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VMP Research & Production Holding JSC was established in 1991. Irina V. Frishberg was its founding shareholder and irreplaceable visionary leader for many years.

Frishberg I.V. – founding shareholder of VMP HOLDING, Honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science

At the time of establishment the company represented a research group of the Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences and then rose to the state-of-the-art research and production enterprise.
The company name VMP HOLDING is connected with the first commercial product of the company – fine zinc powder. Obtaining of zinc powder laid the foundation for the business activity of the company and then for production of zinc-rich coatings at the end of the last century. There was practically no such domestic enterprise which could obtain these types of materials; this made it possible for VMP HOLDING to become a leading Russian producer of protective paintwork materials of industrial application. It is also can be proved by the fact that the first created and produced by the company zinc-rich composition ZVES is still in demand in construction and oil industry.
Along with zinc powder production the company mastered manufacturing of other non-ferrous metal powders, which drew attention of experts of many industrial segments as such: electrical and electronic engineering, chemical industry, powder metallurgy, etc. For instance, VMP’s ultra-fine copper powder was used for manufacturing of unpiloted spaceship “Buran”, and after its launch VMP’s staff was granted government decorations. For the first time in history of domestic production a compound named RiMET was manufactured based on copper alloys powders and lubricating materials, which decreases weariness of friction units of engines, transmissions, gear boxes, etc.

- research laboratories;
- production shops of paintwork materials of industrial application, and fine and ultra-fine metal powders;
- market penetration and promotion departments.
COMPANY’S MISSION – research, production and implementation of high-tech materials and technologies for the benefit of consumers and prosperity of the company.
In the sphere of scientific research VMP’s experts cooperate closely with world-wide chemical corporations, institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and leading industrial institutes of the country. Basic research activities of the company are the following:
- obtaining of fine and nanopowders of non-ferrous metals;
- production of anticorrosive, fireproof and protective-decorative coatings;
- testing of protective and operational properties of coatings;
- invention of conceptually new protective coatings for metal, concrete, and wood.
Output capacities of the company provide means to produce up to 10 000 tons of powders and coatings annually. Production efficiency, high quality of the product and reasonable prices are reached with the help of own production of basic primary materials (zinc powder, polyurethane varnish, ethyl silicate binder, etc) and cooperation with the leading producers of chemical raw materials in Europe.
From VMP’s establishment its personnel have been developing, producing and introducing to the market the product which is able to satisfy the needs of consumers. The number of industrial consumers of VMP HOLDING products is over 2000 companies, and the company’s commercial geography covers all regions of Russia, countries of former Soviet Union and far-abroad countries.

In 2002 the company incorporated quality management system in compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000. In 2009 the quality management system was acknowledged compliant with ISO 9001:2008 requirements by BUREAU VERITAS.

VMP HOLDING is a member of numerous Russian and international professional societies and partnerships as such:

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;
- Sverdlovsk regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
- Association of research engineers, manufacturers and consumers of nanopowders and derivative products, etc.