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Pollution density of roadside atmosphere and severe operating conditions of guardrails in Russia require durable anticorrosion protection of metal structures. The traditional method of metal structures protection is zinc coating (galvanizing). The company offers one of the types of galvanizing - cold galvanizing, which lies in application of zinc-rich paintwork materials to metal.

Cold galvanizing (zinc-rich coatings) have undeniable advantages:

- provides long-term protection of metal from corrosion and may rival with traditional hot galvanizing in terms of protective properties;

- is resistant to temperature differences and can be applied under the conditions of frigid climate;

- can be traditionally applied both in shop and field environment.

To maintain long-term (over 10 years) protection of guardrails metal structures it is recommended to apply complex coating systems which are fail-safe and durable due to combination of various protection mechanisms, that is to say:

- cathodic protection is achieved thanks to zinc-rich materials addition;

- barrier protection is achieved thanks to addition of flake pigments of aluminum powder.

The systems which are recommended for application by Gosstroy (the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing Maintenance and Utilities Complex), are introduced in addition to SNiP (construction codes and regulations) 2.03.11-85 Р 1-2004, and passed accelerated tests in the following industry research centers: ZNIIS (Central Scientific Research Institute of Construction) and NII LKP (Paintwork Material Research Institute of Hotkovo).

The coating system ZINOL+ALPOL has also passed tests of the leading industrial research centers, as such: ZNII PSK (Central Scientific Research and Design Institute of Construction Metal Structures) n.a. Melnikov, VNIIZHT (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport, NIZIAMT (Research and Development Center of Automotive Tests), the Ural Institute of Welding.

ZINOTAN+ALUMOTAN system has been tested in VNIIZHT (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport), IPTER (Institute of Energy Resources Transportation Problems), BashNIPIneft research center (Bashkortostan Research and Design Institute of Oil), and introduced into technical instructions of the Russian Railways (ZPI 6/1).

Standard coating systems for long-term protection (over 10 years) of guardrails metal structures from corrosion.

corrosivity degree of atmosphere according to SNiP 2.03.11-85 operating conditions according to GOST 15150-69 and 9.032-74 coating systems
zinc-rich primer (thickness, micron) finishing coat overall thickness, micron
low and medium corrosive power U1 (temperate climate), HL1 (frigid climate)
ZINOL (80)
ALPOL (60-80)
ALUMOTAN (60-80)

Case history of VMP coatings:

guardrails along the highways:

- Chita-Khabarovsk;

- Moscow-Saint-Petersburg-State Border

- the Rostov and Orenburg Regions, the Far East, etc.

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