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The different constructions and equipments of different industrial sectors are exploited in the wide range of conditions. They are exposed atmospheric factors and corrosive envirunments:

- high humidity and temperature;

- carbonic acid, sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric and other aggressive gases;

- acid vapour and alkaline;

- salt solution sanitary sewer.

Operating conditions of constructions and functionality of equipments in severe environments depend on quality of corrosion protection. VMP HOLDING has developed the coating systems to protect different industrial objects in:

- petrochemical industry,

- pulp and paper industry,

- rubber plants,

- mineral fertilizer industry,

- soda industry and others.

VMP coating systems are recommended for applying by Gosstroy R 1-2004 (SNIP 2.03.11-85), included to GOST 9.401-91 "Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Paint coatings. General requirements and methods of accelerated tests on resistance to the action of climatic factors".

VMP coating systems passed successfully testing in the Central Scientific and Research Design Institute n.a. Melnikov, NII LKP with ОМZ «Victoriya», NIIZHB LLC and other industrial laboratories and are recommended for corrosion protection of:

- metal structures,

- equipments,

- concrete and ferroconcrete constructions.


- the metal constructions of the caustic soda shop and salt pan shop of MONDIGROUP, Russia;

- the metal constructions of the vulcanization shop of Voronezh tire plant, Russia;

- the metal constructions of the shops of Open Joint Stock Holding Company «ELEKTROZAVOD», Russia;

- the metal constructions of the launch complex in the the Kourou spaceport, French Guiana, South America and others.


Civil constructions are intended for lots of people visits, have the special architectural importance and distinguish high functionality and high safety requirements. These constructions are exposed to the civil environments, rain, snow and temperature drops that causes inflict damage on the constructions. In the swimming pools and water parks there is additional negative influence because of water vapor.

VMP coating systems developed for corrosion protection of the civil constructions provide high aesthetic effect and high performance and save service. These coating systems are developed to protect from corrosion and fire:

- supermarkets,

- concert halls,

- markets,

- sports and fitness complexes and others.


- the stadium, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia;

- the sports complex «Minsk-Arena», Minsk, Belarus;

- the amphitheatre «Slavianski Bazaar», Vitebsk, Belarus;

- the bobsleigh and luge track, Paramonovo village, Moscow Oblast, Russia;

- the water park, Minsk, Belarus;

- the amphitheatre «Slavianski Bazaar», Vitebsk, Belarus;

- the "OBI" mall, Volgograd, Russia;

- the library of the Federal State University, Krasnoyarsk;

- the treatment plant, Voronezh, Russia and others.

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