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VMP HOLDING has developed the coating systems based on zinc-rich primers to protect the railway constructions, railway freight cars and passenger cars from corrosion.

VMP coating systems are recommended by Russian Railways OJCL for corrosion protection (TI № К-05/06, TI SPI 6/1).

VMP coating systems passed testing and have certificates of the leading industrial institutes and research centers like NII LKP with ОМZ «Victoriya»; Central Scientific and Research Design Institute n.a. Melnikov; OJSC TSNIIS, NICIAMT FSUE "NAMI".

VMP coating systems are included to GOST 9.401-91 "Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Paint coatings. General requirements and methods of accelerated tests on resistance to the action of climatic factors", SNIP 2.03.11-85, GOST 12549-2003 "Passenger cars of 1520 mm gauge main-line railways. Painting. Specifications", ТU 5264-853-01393674-07 and TI of applying of high performance coatings under the resistance spot welding in railway freight cars and passenger cars.

VMP coating systems for high performance protection of metal structures of Railway constructions

Object Coating system Expected durability, years, not less Surface preparation, ISO 8501
Zinc-rich primer (dry film thickness, microns) Topcoat (dry film thickness, microns) Total film thickness, microns
Metal constructions of Railways
ZINOTAN (80-100)
POLYTON-UR (50-70)
190-210 24 Sa 2 1/2
ZINOTAN (80-100)
ALUMOTAN (60-80)
160-180 15
ZFES (80-100)
POLYTON-UR (80-100)
160-180 15
ISOLEP-mastic (160-180)
230-250 11 St 2 - St 3
Equipment and constructions of the overhead contact system
ZINOL (80-100)
ALPOL (40-60)
140-160 15 Sa 2 1/2
ZINEP (40-60)
ISOLEP (80-100)
Railway freight cars and passenger cars (under the resistance spot welding) - 30-40 - Sa 2 1/2
Hot-galvanized structures (maintance)
ZINOL (80-100)
ALPOL (20-40)
100-120 - Sa 2 1/2

* If high requirements to esthetic appearance are absent it is possible to replace POLYTON-UR(UV) for POLYTON-UR.


- the railway bridge over the Irtysh river, Tobolsk, Russia;

- the railway bridges, Berkakit-Tommon-Yakutsk;

- the railway bridges over the Neiba river, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia;

- the railway bridge over the Dnieper river, Zhlobin, Belarus;

- the crossbars and piles of the railway poles of Dalnevostochnaya, Zabaykalskaya, Oktaybrskaya, Privolzhskya, Yuzhno-Uralskaya Railways.