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Modern demand to building construction involves not only proofing of steel articles from fire exposure, but also their protection from corrosion. When metal facilities construction one often applies the primer GF-021 as the basic anticorrosion protection, due to it is well-known and inexpensive material. However, priming of steel articles takes place usually at a manufacturing plant, but flame-retardant coating is made directly at the object. A technological gap between priming of steel articles, their structural fabrication and their flame-retardant coating can be often up to several months, sometimes it can last several years, meanwhile operating life of the primer GF-021 in the open air is no longer than 1 year. On this occasion corrosive damages occur very often before flame-retardant coating of steel articles, which goes against the technological requirements of flame-retardant coating and impairs its effectiveness.

For effective and long-term anticorrosion and flame-retardant protection of steel articles the unique technology PLAMCOR has been developed by VMP team. The technology consists in coating metal with combination coatings, which protect construction metal structures from atmosphere corrosion, as well as from high temperature exploration in fire condition.

Protective technology PLAMCOR is based on application of VMP zinc-rich anticorrosion and flame-retardant coating materials according to the following scheme:

zinc-rich primer ("cold" galvanizing) + intumescent flame-retardant coating или = anticorrosion + fire protection

Application of zinc-rich materials is one of the most important conditions for creation of high performance systems for anticorrosion protection. The basic component of these materials is fine zinc powder, owing to high content of which i.e. more than 86% by mass, the materials protect steel galvanochemically, similar to hot galvanizing, thus their application got its name from the technology of "cold" galvanizing.

Advantages of "cold" galvanizing in comparison to the primers without zinc powder are as follows:

- 2-5 times longer operating life of the coatings indoors, as well as while building construction (lowering cost while operation);

- steel cathodic protection, absence of underfilm corrosion in the points of coating failure;

- workability in any climatic zones, including workability in moderatelly-frigid and frigid climate;

- verified compatibility with flame-retardant coatings PLAMCOR-1 and PLAMCOR-2, maintenance of high adhesion while fire effect;

- fire safety (zinc-rich coatings prevent flame spreading on the surface).

Owing to application of zinc-rich primers in the protective technology PLAMCOR the operating life of steel anticorrosion protection in combination with flame-retardant protection is 15-25 years, if the coating is exploited indoors.

Typical coating schemes for the protective technology PLAMCOR

Zinc-rich primer Flame-retardant coating
Name Quantity of layers,
overall thickness
Name Quantity of layers,
overall thickness
1 based on epoxy (Technical Requirement 2312-022-12288779-2000) 1 layer, 50-60 um (Technical Requirement 2216-069-12288779-2008) or (Technical Requirement 2313-074-12288779-2008) 2 - 6 layers
with overall
1,0 - 2,5 mm
on the
of a steel
2 №2 based on ethylsilicate (Technical Requirement 2312-004-12288779-99) 2 layers, 60-80 um
3 based on polyurethane (Technical Requirement 2312-017-12288779-2003) 1 layer 50-60 um

Flame-retardant materials PLAMCOR-1 and PLAMCOR-2 can be also applied in combination with the primer GF-021 and other primers as agreed with VMP representatives. If there are additional requirements to decorative sight and colour of a protective coating, it is recommended to coat additionally the enamels POLITON-UR, POLITON-UR (UV) or POLITON-AK of VMP production with thickness 50-80 um of on the flame-retardant coating.

Coating systems PLAMCOR are recommended for application indoors or in the open air but under the roof at atmosphere relative humidity up to 80 %.

Application technology:

- steel surface shall be conditioned before coating the zinc-rich primer: removing dust and dirt, degreasing, cleaning of oxides and coated before primers;

- application of a zinc-rich primer on a plant, manufacturing steel article or on a worksite;

- surface preparation of the primer coating before application flame-retardant coating: degreasing (if it is necessary), dehydration and dusting off; removal of coating defects – metal corrosion, flaking and crackling of the prime layer and so on;

- application of flame-retardant coating after steel erection on a worksite.

Coating conditions:

PLAMCOR-1 - at atmosphere temperature from + 5 °С up to + 40 °С and relative humidity up to 85 %. Minimum time of interlayer drying is 2 hours;

PLAMCOR-2 - at atmosphere temperature from - 15 °С up to + 40 °С and relative humidity up to 80 %. Minimum time of interlayer drying - 4 hours;

application of the decorative layer if it is necessary in accordance with the technical documents of the manufacturer. Minimum time between application of the finishing layer of flame-retardant coating and decorative enamel is 24 hours.

Certification and testing:

All the coating materials have Hygiene Certificates. Fireproof effectiveness of PLAMCOR technology is confirmed by the fire safety certificates №№ ССПБ.RU.ОП073.Н.00208, ССПБ.RU.ОП073.Н.00240, ССПБ.RU.ОП056.В.00370, ССПБ.RU.ОП073.В.00678. Material compatibility is approved by the results of complex testing.