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VMP HOLDING manufactures intumescent fireproof paints PLAMCOR for fire protection of the metal contractures. The necessarily of their protection is caused by high sensibility of the metal contractures to high temperature influence. For example, strength properties of steel decrease at the temperature + 500 °С; at long-term influence of high temperature the steel contractures destroy. Most common method of fire protection of the metal contractures is intumescent fireproof coatings.

All intumescent fireproof paints have the same protecting mechanism: they intumesce at high temperature and produce insulating foams which protect the metal contractures from overheating. As a result the fire-resistance limit of the metal contracture rises in many times.

Advantages of intumescent fireproof paints is:

- high efficiency of fire protection at the low dry film thickness;

- low load on the metal contractures especially flexural members;

- applied by airless spray and brush;

- used as protective and decorative coatings;

- high performance;

- maintainability.

VMP HOLDING manufactures 2 types of intumescent fireproof paints: PLAMCOR-1 and PLAMCOR-2. the fire-resistance limit reaches 90 minutes.

PlAMCOR-1 is a high build, waterborne intumescent fireproof coating. It is low odour, low toxic and non-flammable. It is especially recommended to be used indoor.

PLAMCOR-2 is a high build, one-component, solvent-born intumescent fireproof acrylic coating. It may be applied at low temperatures (even below zero).


The fire-resistance efficiency of PLAMCOR is provided by Certificates of fire safety №№ SSPB.RU.ОP073.Н.00208, SSPB.RU.ОП073.Н.00240, ССПБ.RU.ОP056.В.00370, ССПБ.RU.ОП073.В.00678. PLAMCOR has the sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificates.

PLAMCOR is used at:

- the module of building of ZPS Vankor Field;

- the hangars of Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoye field;

- the engineering shop of Ufa NPZ, Ufa, Russia;

- the steam-gas plant, Hydroelectric power station "SUGRES", Sredneuralsk, Russia;

- the Music Hall, Krasnoyarsk, Russia;

- the Library of the Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.