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Steel reinforcement and embedded fittings

Steel embedded fittings and joining element of ferroconcrete structures should be generally protected from corrosion. The main method of their protection is galvanization and VMP HOLDING recommends one of its types - the "cold galvanization" with using zinc-rich primers ZINOL and ZINOTAN. The technology consists of application of zinc-rich coatings on steel. It gives possibility to use the unique protective properties of zinc dust in case of absence of production facilities for traditional hot dip galvanization. In addition, the examinations confirm that in severe environments in existing of chloride and sulphate the zinc rich primer durability is higher than hot dip galvanizing coating durability. The zinc-rich primers can be applied in the shop and in the field.

Coating systems
for steel reinforcement and embedded fittings

Concreted or built in fittings and componentry
ZINOL, 2-3 coats, total dry film thickness - 80-120 мкм;

ZINOTAN, 1-2 coats, total dry film thickness - 80-120 microns.
Fittings and componentry exploited outdoor without concreting
ZINOL or ZINOTAN (dry film thickness not less than 80 micron) with VMP weatherproof topcoats. Total dry film thickness – not less than 150 microns

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