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VMP requirements for raw materials supplies

This section publishes the requirements of VMP Research & Production Holding, JSC for raw materials supplies.

Raw materials
- Zinc grades Ts0, Ts0A, TsV, GOST 3640.
- Oil solvent (premium or first grade) GOST 10214-78.
- Nefras C4-150/200 (a substitute for white spirit).
- White spirit GOST 3134-78.
- N-butyl acetate, grade A, chemically pure, contaminate free
- Aluminum powder PAP-1, GOST 5494-95.
- Aluminum paste.
- Polyisocyanate.
- Pigments.
- Microtalc brand MT-GSHM.
- Epoxy in solution.
- Hardener solution of epoxy resins.

We are open to suggestions for the supply of raw materials for PWM production.

Requirements for containers:
Must be certified for PWM storage and transportation, chemical and petrochemical industries;
Steel conical buckets of 10 and 20 liters;

Material - tinplate 0.36 mm thick;
The lid is clamped, “Crown” OON type with rounded petals, with an air-tight gasket;
Handle - steel wire with a plastic handle;

Side seam - welded (automatic);
Lugs for handles - steel, welded;
Bottom - automatically rolled by a multilayer fold with sealant;
The presence of stiffeners on the lid, wall and bottom;
The convenience for lithography applying.

Requirements for the inner surface of containers:
No industrial coating, no traces of technological lubrication;
No defects.

Commercial offers can be sent:
tel./fax: +7(343) 267-97-22
email address: snab@fmp.ru