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Coal-mining industry

Coal mining by the mine method is associated with the operation of numerous components and assemblies in various conditions, including in aggressive environments. Without proper protection, structures and equipment are covered with rust and become unusable. Materials are needed that can significantly extend their service life.

The company's products are used in coal mines in conditions of the constant presence of mine water and strong dust. VMP has been working at coal industry facilities since 2000. The holding provides a range of services at all stages of cooperation, and during its work has established itself as a proven and reliable manufacturer of high-tech materials.

Coal-mining industry
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Anticorrosive protection of metal and concrete structures of concentration plants, overpasses, galleries, infrastructure and technological equipment outdoors, in soil, at high temperatures
  2. Fireproofing of metal indoors and outdoors
  3. Wear protection of concrete subfloors indoors
Industry Certification
Industry Certification VMP materials meet the requirements for:
ISO 12944, SP 28.13330.2012, GOST 31384-2017
The coatings have been successfully tested and have the conclusion reports of leading industry institutes and research centers. The conclusion reports on successful passing of tests were obtained from:
  • the Institute for Anticorrosive protection  Dresden GmbH (Germany)
  • PWM-KHOTKOVO-TEST Testing laboratory
  • TSNIIPSK n.a. Melnikov (Central Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research and Design Institute n.a.N.P.Melnikov)
  • NIIZhB