The VMP anticorrosive coatings have earned confidence of the biggest industrial companies in Russia and abroad. They are successfully used in different branches providing adequate protection against corrosion. The latest tendencies in economy and import substitution policies promoted growth of interest to Russian products including the anticorrosive coatings market. And a lot of large-scale companies have initiated active search of domestic anticorrosive materials which are able to substitute foreign analogs.

The VMP paint materials are incorporated into the regulatory guidelines on anticorrosive protection of the equipment, buildings and structures of the SIBUR Holding JSC, which is the biggest crude petroleum and natural gas extraction company in Russia.

Composite coatings based on zinc-rich primers (ZINOTAN, ZINEP) and coatings with maximum protection based on epoxy compounds (ISOLEP) and on VINICOR- series vinyl-epoxy materials were selected for protection of the exterior of static equipment and structures. Service life of the VMP anticorrosive coatings is from 12 to 24 years.

Special chemically-resistant coatings by VMP based on ISOLEP-oil, NEFTECOR, ZFES and other materials (service life 10-15 years) are recommended for the interior of the equipment operating in aggressive environment and oil-field hardware.

VMP anticorrosive coatings demonstrate long service life and the quality which is as good as that of the best world analogs. They are entirely able to substitute foreign coating systems.