Main Page News 2021 VMP materials protect the Moscow Central Ring Road

VMP materials protect the Moscow Central Ring Road

VMP materials protect the Moscow Central Ring Road

Metal structures of transport facilities of the Moscow Central Ring Road are protected by CINOTAN + POLITON-UR + POLITON-UR (UV) coating system

The Moscow Central Ring Road was officially launched on July 8 this year. Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin opened the traffic on the last 25-kilometer section, which looped the road. The traffic will now go on all 335 km of its length.

A coating system based on the zinc-filled primer CINOTAN, intermediate enamel POLITON-UR increasing the barrier properties, and finishing enamel POLITON-UR (UV) resistant to ultraviolet radiation was used to protect the metal structures of bridges and overpasses. The service life of the coating is at least 30 years.

The construction of the new transport ring in Moscow was divided into several start-up complexes. Each complex is a set of transportation facilities located on a particular road section. The coating system with zinc-filled primer protects the steel structures of the first and fourth start-up complexes. In total, VMP Holding supplied more than 500 tons of products for the Central Ring Road.

The Central Ring Road passes 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road, crosses 13 federal roads, and relieves the capital's streets of transit traffic.

15.11.2021 15:47:00
The Russian Chemists Union and Roskhimprofsoyuz awarded Mikhail Vladimirovich Vakhrushev, President of VMP Research & Production Holding with a badge of honor — the Order for Services to the Chemical Industry of Russia of the Second Degree.
The rating agency “Expert RA” has assigned VMP Research and Production Holding the "ruBB+” credit rating of non-financial companies, the rating outlook is “stable”, according to the agency’s press release.
VMP Research and Production Holding confirmed the compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001-2018 during the certification audit conducted in 2021.