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Metal powders

VMP HOLDING manufactures high-performance protective coatings based on know-how and world experience for steel structures.

Coatings systems for new construction based on zinc-rich primers and inhibiting coatings.

Coating systems for maintenance based on high performance epoxy and polyurethane coatingss with electrochemical, inhibiting and barrier mechanisms of protection (zinc-dust, zinc phosphate, micaceous iron oxide and leafing aluminium pigments).

Advantages of VMP coatings:

- high performance (expected durability is 15-25 years);

- easy paint technology; most of coatings are one-component;

- most of them may be applied at low temperature (up to -15 °C) and high relative humidity;

- recommended for shop and field application;

- applied by airless and air sprays, brush and roller.


VMP coating systems are tested by the leading industry institutes of Russia and include to Registers, guidance documents and standards of the leading companies.



Coating systems based on zinc –rich coatings

Because of the high zinc dust content (85-96 %Wt) this type of coatings provides cathodic steel protection. The initial mechanism by which zinc-rich primers protect steel consists of corroding zinc coating under corrosive conditions instead of steel and zinc corrosion products seal steel damages. Thereby zinc –rich coatings protect steel like hot-dip galvanizing and named as "cold galvanizing".

"Cold galvanizing" is the most modern and easiest method of high performance protection of the metal constructions and gains general acceptance in the corrosion protection.

The advantages of "Cold galvanizing" coatings are:

- high performance, not less than hot-dip galvanizing;

- resistance to temperature drop and application at cold climate;

- application by traditional methods in shop and field condition;

- non-flammable.

VMP HOLDING is the leading "Cold galvanizing" coatings supplier in Russia and manufactures a whole number of zinc-rich coatings such as polyurethane primer ZINOTAN, epoxy primer ZINEP, ethylsilicate primer ZFES, thermoplastic primer ZINOL, siloxane heat-resistant coating ZINOTERM, thermoplastic primer ZINOL-SV, used under resistance spot welding, ethylsilicate shop-primer ZFES-MO.

Zinc-rich coatings are used as the primers in VMP coating systems with polyurethane top-coats such as POLYTON-UR, POLYTON-UR(UV), ALUMOTAN, FERROTAN, and clear coating PULAK; acrylic top-coat POLYTON-AK, epoxy coatings ISOLEP and ISOLEP-mio; and aluminium filled coatings ALPOL и ALUMOTERM. Zinc-rich coatings provide cathodic steel protection; topcoats provide additional barrier protection. In addition, application in the topcoat formulation of micaceous pigments (micaceous iron oxide and leafing aluminium pigments) provides higher barrier properties of coatings. These coating systems provide the highest performance because of combination of different protective mechanisms.

For more information see "Application".

Coating systems based on inhibiting corrosion coatings

In some situations zinc-rich coatings can be replaced by epoxy primer ISOLEP-primer containing zinc-phosphate pigments as corrosion inhibitor. This primer is applied in the coating systems with such topcoats as ISOLEP, ISOLEP-mio, POLYTON-UR, POLYTON-UR (UV) и POLYTON-AK (For more information see "Application".)


VMP HOLDING has developed the coating systems for steel structures maintains with applying ISOLEP-mastic and FERROTAN-PRO. The advantage of these coatings is their tolerance to surface preparation. It is convenient if high quality blast cleaning is impossible for example in operating industrial facilities or out-of-the-way places (For more information see "Application".)



- the bridge over the Volga River, Ulyanovsk;

- the transport overpass over ZSD, Saint Petersburg;

- Dzhubga-Sochi highway bridges.



- ZPS and UPN metal constructions of Yuzhno-Shapkinsk field, the Vankor field, the Pechora field, the Yuzhnoe Khylchuyu field and others;

- the metal constructions of the Vtorovo-Primorsk oil transfer station and Vankor-Purpe oil pipeline.



- the metal constructions of the launch complex in the the Kourou spaceport, French Guiana, South America;

- the overpasses of Novolipetsk Steel Plant (NLMK) and JSC «Oskolsk Plant of metallurgical engeneering»;

- the metal constructions of the coal-preparation plant «Severnay», «Mezhdurecheskay», Raspadnaya OJSC, «Listvyanskay-2», «Krasnoarmeyskaya-Zapadnaya» and others.


- the metal constructions of the heat electropower station «BAR», India;

- the metal constructions of the heat electropower station «Imanta», Latvia;

- the high-tension transmission line towers 500 кV Tyumen-Berkut, Tyumen Oblast, Russia;

- the gantries PS 500 kV Shelekhovskaya, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia.



- the stadium, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia;

- the sports complex «Minsk-Arena», Minsk, Belarus;

- the amphitheatre «Slavianski Bazaar», Vitebsk, Belarus and others.


- the groove-and-tongue panels of the shipping lock of the Kochetkovskiy water-engineering system, the Don River;

- the hydromechanical equipment of the hydro power, the Chicapa River, Angola;

- the hydroseals of Novosibirskaya hydro power, Russia and others.