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The range includes three types of fireproof materials: intumescent (fireproof paints), constructive (plaster mix) and combined (thermal insulation composition + intumescent paint). At high temperatures, intumescent coatings are transformed into a porous heat-insulating layer (foamed coke), which protects the metal from overheating and significantly increases the fire resistance of metal structures (up to 120 minutes). The constructive fireproofing creates a strong barrier with low thermal conductivity, which does not allow metal structures to be exposed to high temperatures for as long as possible (up to 240 minutes). The combined constructive fireproofing creates a barrier from a heat-insulating layer and foamed coke (up to 120 minutes) and is recommended for metal structures with small given thicknesses. The PLAMKOR line includes materials for the protection of metal structures indoors and outdoors, as well as in conditions of a hydrocarbon fire. The use of fireproof materials together with the VMP anti-corrosion primers provides long-term comprehensive protection of metal structures. Compatibility of fireproof paints and primers, as well as the possibility of using materials in areas with high seismicity, is confirmed by the certificates.


Vinyl acetate water-dispersed paint


Fireproof acrylic coating.


Intumescent fireproof composition


The solid dry mixture based on Portland cement, exfoliated vermiculite and fiber fillers.


Intumescent fireproof coating


Thermal insulation composition