VMP Company bought share in the authorized capital of EKOR-NEVA Company


In September 2010 VMP Company (Ekaterinburg, Russia) bought share in the authorized capital of EKOR-NEVA Company (St-Petersburg, Russia). This transaction is the effective way to achieve purpose of these companies to develop and increase a market of protective coatings.
The best coating production traditions based on the scientific potential of the Ural Academy of Sciences and the leading scientific school of St. Petersburg with additional investment support and great experience of VMP Company allows inventing the united powerful innovation base for producing high quality products.
The consolidation of efforts of the directing agency and daughter organization opens ways to work up the new market segments because of widely popular products of EKOR-NEVA Company, expansion of distribution network and improvement of promotion policies of EKOR-NEVA products.
Joining scientific potential, technology and human resources the companies expect to get the high results and strengthen the leading position on the industrial coating market.

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