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Hydraulic engineering

Hydrotechnical and port-industrial facilities allow the efficient use of the resources of rivers, seas and oceans. The location at the boundary of the elements creates an additional load on the objects. Waves and tides constantly change the boundary of the media, high humidity and salt fog have a detrimental effect on the strength characteristics. The materials used in the industry should provide high-quality anticorrosive protection.

VMP products are used in the construction of power generation facilities, the operation of marine and river infrastructure, and port and industrial complexes. VMP provides a range of services at all the stages of cooperation from engineering to coating the protected surface.
Hydraulic engineering
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Protection of metal and concrete structures in the coastal zone, conditions of immersion in sea water and in the zone of variable wetting
  2. Protection of equipment of hydroelectric power plants, spillways, drainage and water outlets in the coastal zone, conditions of immersion in sea water and in the zone of variable wetting
  3. Protection of steel structures for shipping locks, mooring piers, ship elevators
  4. Fireproofing of metal indoors and outdoors
  5. Wear protection of indoor concrete subfloors inside administrative and domestic premises
Industry Certification
Recommendations for the use of holding materials are recorded in the guidelines:
“Hydraulic Installation”,
TsNIIMF (The Central Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fleet)
Interdepartmental Commission of the Scientific Research Institute of Construction Materials “Prometheus”
VMP materials are approved and recommended by: Gosstroy of Russia
Coatings passed successful tests, are recommended by industry institutes and are included in regulatory documents governing the industry:
  • NIIES (RusHydro) (The Scientific Research Institute of Energy Structures (RusHydro)
  • IPEE RAS n.a. A.I. Severtsov (The Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences n.a. A.I. Severtsov
  • NIIZHB (The Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute)
  • TSNIIPSK n.a. Melnikov (Central Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research and Design Institute n.a.N.P.Melnikov)
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