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Civil engineering

The main requirement for the operation of heavily trafficked facilities is their safety. Highly effective means are needed to increase the durability of structures, increase the fire resistance of load-bearing structures, and reduce the negative impact of additional operational factors

VMP coatings are used on various objects of structures with a wide range of functions: sports complexes, shopping centers, exhibition complexes, stadiums, ice complexes, concert halls, water parks, car dealerships, warehouses, parking lots and other heavily trafficked facilities. VMP products provide customers with high quality materials, and due to the longer service life of paints, they significantly reduce the cost of scheduled repair of coatings, which guarantees economic benefits.

Civil engineering
Application Area
  1. Anticorrosive protection of metal structures outdoors
  2. Anticorrosive protection of concrete structures outdoors and in soil
  3. Fireproofing of metal indoors and outdoors
  4. Wear protection of concrete subfloors indoors
Industry Certification
The coatings have been successfully tested and have the conclusion reports of leading industry institutes and research centers. The conclusion reports on successful passing of tests were received:

VMP materials meet the requirements of: ISO 12944, SP 28.13330.2012, GOST 31384-2017

of the Institute for Anticorrosive protection Dresden GmbH (Germany)
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