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Chemical industry

The complexity of technological processes, the operation of assemblies and installations in chemically active environments create a demand for enhanced reliability of the industry's facilities. High requirements for the technical condition of installations and assemblies determine the need to use effective protective materials.

VMP materials protect objects of extraction, processing and enrichment of raw materials, production of mineral fertilizers, synthesis of polymers and wood processing. The Holding provides a range of services at all stages of cooperation, and during its work has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-tech products.
Chemical industry
  1. Anticorrosive protection of metal and concrete structures, indoors and outdoors, in soil, at high temperatures, overpasses, equipment, infrastructure facilities, cranes, fences, pipelines outside
  2. Protection of the inner and outer surfaces of the rolling stock for the transportation of mineral fertilizers (hoppers and mineral carriers)
  3. Protection of the external and internal surfaces of tanks, vessels and equipment
  4. Fireproofing of indoors metal, in an industrial environment, in conditions of a hydrocarbon fire
  5. Wear protection of concrete subfloors
Industry Certification
VMP coating systems are included in the regulations governing the industry and are used at the largest chemical and pulp and paper production facilities of companies
SIBUR Holding
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The conclusion reports of the leading Russian and foreign research institutes on the successful passage of the tests were obtained from:
  • “ACRON” Laboratory 
  • “PhosAgro” Laboratory
  • Giprotyumenneftegaz
  • IPTER (The Institute of Energy Resources Transportation Problems)
  • BashNIPIneft
  • GosNIIGA (The State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation)
  • TC “Lakokraska”
  • NIIPH (The Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry)
  • VNIIZhT (All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport)
  • The Institute for Corrosion Protection (Germany)