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Metallurgical industry

Metallurgical production is a complex, multi-stage, high-tech process. Demanding industrial conditions are characterized by the presence of corrosive atmosphere and a variety of temperature regimes. The combination of these factors requires the use of effective modern solutions to protect the structures.

VMP coatings are used at various facilities of metallurgical production, from those engaged in ore dressing to departments producing rolled products. The holding provides a range of services at all stages of cooperation, and during its period of work has established itself as a proven and reliable manufacturer of high-tech materials.

Metallurgical industry
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Anticorrosive protection of metal and concrete structures of workshops, overpasses, galleries, technological equipment, infrastructure facilities outdoors, in soil, at high temperatures
  2. Fireproofing of metal indoors and outdoors
  3. Wear protection of concrete subfloors indoors
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