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Oil and gas industry

Steel structures in the oil and gas industry

Operated in difficult conditions that cause accelerated corrosion of steel: they are affected by oil and oil products, mineralized bottom water, etc. In addition, they are exposed to abrasive action of mechanical impurities, solar radiation, temperature extremes and mechanical stress.

Severe operating conditions of metal structures and increased requirements for their technical condition determine the need to use reliable anticorrosive protection. VMP Holding has developed coating systems for various objects of the oil and gas complex anticorrosive protection.

Oil and gas industry
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Protection of metal and concrete structures of buildings, technological modules, overpasses, galleries, oil and gas pipelines supports
  2. Protection of the outer and inner surfaces of tanks and containers for storing oil, dark and light oil products
  3. Protection of the outer surface of pipelines, protection of equipment during heating, as well as protection of metal piles
Industry Certification
VMP materials are included in the guidelines of the leading companies
Register of coating systems and paint and varnish materials for anticorrosive protection of metal structures, technological structures and equipment of PJSC Gazprom
Register of Technical Specifications of AK Transneft for the main types of materials and equipment purchased by Transneft group of companies
The Company Processing Instruction P2-05 S-028 P-002 T-001 of OJSC NK Rosneft
“Requirements for Anticorrosive Protection of Capacitive Technological Equipment with Paint and Varnish Coatings” Standard of JSC ANK Bashneft Company
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VMP coatings are approved and recommended by: Interdepartmental Commission of the State Standard of the Russian Federation Gosstroy of Russia
They have successfully passed the tests and have the conclusion reports of the leading industry institutes and research centers:
  • Research institutes
  • TNN
  • NeftegazTekhExpertiza
  • 25 GosNII
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
  • IPTER (The Institute of Energy Resources Transportation Problems)
  • GosNIIGA (The State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation)
  • Fundamentproject
  • NIIZHB (The Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute)
  • TsNIIPSK n.a. Melnikov (Central Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research and Design Institute n.a.N.P.Melnikov)
  • IC Lakokraska

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Certified Coating Systems VMP coatings have passed all the necessary certification tests and are included in the registers and governing documents of the leading oil and gas companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, Bashneft, Transneft.
Protection of metal and concrete
The Holding has developed coating systems for:
  1. Protection of metal and concrete structures
  2. Operating indoors
  3. Operating outdoors
The choice of coverage is based on:
  1. Aggressive environment
  2. Surface preparation grades
  3. Required level of protection
Features of VMP coatings for anticorrosive protection of oil and gas facilities
Long-term protection of structures against corrosion - up to 30 years
Resistant to aggressive industrial environments, including spills of oil and oil products
Range of coatings Based on zinc-rich materials, intrinsically safe
All the coatings are recommended for the use in temperate, cold and tropical climates
Protection of tanks and vessels
For anticorrosive protection we produce specialized chemically resistant materials
Epoxy composition
Anticorrosive zinc-rich composition