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Ship building and ship repair

Ships are exposed to intense corrosive effects of sea and fresh water, salt fog, atmospheric climatic factors, industrial emissions. Difficult operating conditions place increased demands on the reliability of protective coatings.

VMP materials are used in the construction of new ships and in the repair work of those already in operation. As part of a global import substitution project, VMP is successfully replacing foreign manufacturers, providing customers with economic benefits and high quality coatings.
Ship building and ship repair
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Anticorrosive metal protection of the underwater and surface parts of the hulls, including in the zone of variable wetting
  2. Anticorrosive metal protection in living quarters and service spaces, side keels and other protruding parts of the hull, masts, open decks, deck mechanisms, independent tanks and pipelines
  3. Protection against corrosion of surfaces heated above 100 ° C
  4. Anti-fouling protection of the underwater part of the ship's hull, boot topping and bottom
  5. Fireproof of load-bearing metal structures of docks and infrastructure of shipbuilding and ship repair yards
  6. Anticorrosive and wear protection of metal decking
  7. Wear protection of concrete subfloors of shipbuilding and ship repair yards infrastructure facilities
Industry Certification
VMP coatings have been tested, have the conclusion reports from industry institutes and research centers, organizations conducting technical supervision in the industry, they are included in the guidance documents of shipbuilding companies
  • TsNIIMF (The Central Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fleet)
  • Interdepartmental Commission of the Scientific Research Institute of Construction Materials “Prometheus”
  • Russian River Register
  • Russian Register of Maritime Shipping
  • DVZ Zvezda OAO

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