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Transport construction

Transport infrastructure objects are exposed to the corrosive effects of a combination of climatic factors of the external environment inherent in the location area. To ensure the durability of the structures in operation, long-term anticorrosive protection  is needed with materials resistant to the effects of variable temperatures, high humidity, salt fog, sulfur dioxide and solar radiation.

VMP coatings are used in the construction of railway, automobile, bicycle and pedestrian bridges, overbridges, overpasses, and other transport infrastructure facilities. As part of a global import substitution project, VMP is successfully replacing foreign manufacturers, providing customers with economic benefits and high quality coatings.

Transport construction
VMP Coatings Application Area
  1. Anticorrosive protection of metal structures of new and repaired road and railway bridges and overpasses
  2. Anticorrosive protection of reinforced concrete structures of new and repaired road and railway bridges and overpasses
  3. Anticorrosive protection of assembly (friction) joints on high-strength bolts
  4. Anticorrosive protection of spans, lighting poles, fences and railings, staircases, including galvanized
Industry Certification
VMP coating systems comply with the requirements of
GOST 31384 - 2017
ODM 218.4.002-2009
SP 28.13330.2012
SP 35.13330.2011
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VMP coatings are approved and recommended by: Gosstroy of Russia
The coatings have been successfully tested and have the conclusion reports of the leading industry institutes and research centers:
  • TsNIIS
  • VNIIZhT (All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport)
  • Research Institute of Roads and Bridges (Warsaw)
  • NIIZHB (The Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute)
  • TSNIIPSK n.a. Melnikov (Central Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research and Design Institute n.a.N.P.Melnikov)
  • of the Institute for Anticorrosive protection  Dresden GmbH (Germany)